ISOTEC is a leading specialist in the restoration of moisture and mold damage to buildings, consisting of over 150 locations and around 800 employees in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Mallorca.

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The mission for us

The current shortage of skilled workers in the skilled trades does not stop at ISOTEC. In direct contrast to this is the growing demand for qualitative renovation procedures, which puts the individual specialist companies in the difficult situation of too few employees for processing. A solution should therefore be created to recruit suitable employees at short notice and with planning certainty. 

Our solution approach

Why does a technical employee choose ISOTEC? Usually because he knows that he can work for an attractive and professional company. This is exactly why we have strengthened this effect and the positive image of ISOTEC as an attractive employer by means of special advertising measures and targeted delivery to the people who are most likely to send in an application. A digital application process, which we designed and implemented, completed the measures.

Results & Conclusion

Shortly after the start of our advertising measures, ISOTEC’s HR department noticed a strong increase in applications and placed the first applicants in the individual specialist companies. No one at ISOTEC had expected such an effect, so the measures were further expanded and are constantly scaled by us. 

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